Monday, April 18, 2011

Rowie ♥ Marlowe: Plum & Green Heirloom Wedding Cord

The lovely hue of purple plum, considered as one of the most majestic wedding colors, gives an aura of elegance and richness. Sis Rowie brought a modern edge to this lovely color by accentuating a bright green hue. Lovely, isn't it? Thus, these traits should be reflected to the wedding cord that I created especially for them:

{Rowie ♥ Marlowe's Wedding Cord made of semi-precious stones}

Sis Rowie, being an OC-bride, described everything that she wanted for her (their) wedding cord -- it should be a rosary cord and it should have their initials, she doesn't want a chunky crucifix, the two main colors should be separated on each chain ("just like your cord", she said) and it should be good enough to be a heirloom. So, here's a detailed view:

{The oval trinkets are small lockets. I added these four cuties to accessorize the cord. I also asked sis Rowie to put their photos inside one of the lockets and pass it to the next generation. The next bride/groom from their family can add their respective photos inside one of the other lockets. To be more efficient, the initials are removable, too.}

What's so special about these lockets? When I showed the photos to sis Rowie, she exclaimed that she has three siblings and she's the first to get married. Turns out, the cord is destined to be a heirloom. :)

{Purple plum crystal beads are on one side, while the bright green beads are on the other side. The centerpiece unites the two colors (and all the other trinkets).}

It was a breeze dealing with sis Rowie. I like that our communication is open. We talked (read: update each other about the cord) mostly via Facebook. Indeed, she's a fab client-bride.

View more photos of sis Rowie and Marlowe's wedding cord by visiting our website on facebook or multiply (yes, we're on multiply, too!). Happy preps! :)

Project Dream Wedding will be offline from April 19th to April 24th in observance of the Holy Week. We will be back on business on April 25th. Have a meaningful Holy Week, everyone!


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