Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ivette ♥ Audric's Offbeat Rosary Wedding Cord

Ivette and Audric will be getting married (again) on May 7th. They are both overseas but their good (and √úver sweet) friend (I must add), Pay, contacted me so we could create a unique wedding cord for Ivette.

Ultimately, Pay became the communication bridge between Ivette and me in terms of what she wanted for a wedding cord -- a simple, not over-the-top Rosary wedding cord. Ivette (through Pay), requested to separate the colors of their wedding, turquoise and chocolate brown. Sometimes, making simple things is hard but here’s what I created for Ivette and Audric:

{Ivette & Audric's own offbeat Rosary wedding cord}

{Trinkets and Centerpiece: Close-up shot}

Their rosary wedding cord is made of acrylic and glass beads with silver trinkets -- just the way they like it. Pay shared that the cord was sent overseas, ready for the fab couple's upcoming wedding. She also mentioned that the couple likes the cord. :)

Thank you for trusting me, fab couple Ivette and Audric. Of course, it was nice doing business with you, Ms. Pay. Until next time. :)

Want to see more? Click here to view more photos of Ivette and Audric's Rosary wedding cord.


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