Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tips: Wedding Gown Storage

After the wedding is over, almost all brides (including me) want to keep that perfect wedding gown as a remembrance or to pass it to their daughter. However, stains will set, it may turn yellow, and the fabric could be damaged over time so proper care and storage is very important.

Here are some tips I gathered online in making sure that we store our precious wedding gown properly:

1. Make sure your gown is professionally cleaned. Just because your gown looked clean to you when you took it off doesn't mean this is the case. Further examination may unearth dirt, sweat and stains. These stains can darken and become permanent if not dealt with quickly. Take your wedding gown to the dry cleaner or wedding dress preservation specialist within one week after the wedding. They will know exactly what to look for and which chemicals and solvents work best for particular fabric.

2. Never store your wedding gown in a plastic bag (or box). When plastic breaks down it emits chemicals that can react with your dress and cause permanent damage. Choose between “acid-free” box and hanger storage. Keeping the gown in a box may prove to be more practical, but hanging the garment in a closet is the best way to prevent difficult-to-remove creases.

3. Before packing the wedding gown, wrap it in acid free tissue paper for extra protection. Don't use colored tissue paper as it can eventually bleed onto the fabric.

4. Store your wedding gown in a cool, dry place. Basements aren't ideal because they're damp and can encourage mold. Storing wedding gown where it's exposed to heat or sunlight will cause it to turn yellow. Your best bet is to store it in a closet.

5. Don't use a wire hanger to hang your wedding gown. Not only can it rust, but it can cause the fabric to tear. If you must hang your gown, hang it by the loops. Keep in mind that if a heavy gown hangs for too long, the fabric can tear under the weight of it all.

6. Every now and then you should remove your wedding gown from storage and hang it in the fresh air. This will allow the fabric to breathe, making it less susceptible to mildew.

One wedding professional said that if brides don’t properly care for their wedding dress, it’s almost as if they’re throwing it away. As for me, I had my gown dry cleaned, packed it inside the hanger storage provided by Marc Rancy and put it safely inside my closet. Will have to invest on an acid-free tissue paper. So, how did you (do you plan to) store your wedding gown?

{My wedding gown carefully stored inside the hanger storage}


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