Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Joan and Bobie’s Meant to Bee Wedding Cord

Oh, how I l-o-v-e working on accessories with a wedding theme! My so called “creative juices” overflow whenever I have to work on an accessory to match with the couple’s wedding theme. I’d like to think that that’s exactly what happened when I created the fab wedding cord of sis Joan and Bobie.

Browsing through this fab couple’s wedding website and reading their sort of cat-and-mouse-chase love story is awe-inspiring. I can’t help but fall in love with their chosen theme, which is “Meant to Bee” (flowers and bees). Their wedding monogram created by sis Joy (a fellow W@Wie) inspired me the most. See for yourself…

{Joan and Bobie's monogram by sis Joy (left) and my own interpretation of their wedding theme (right)}

{of bees [in love] and flowers}

{I arranged the beads to look like a swarm of bees flying and buzzing in 2 different directions}

{A Meant to Bee Freestyle Wedding Cord exclusively for fab couple Joan and Bobie}

It's rewarding to know that sis Joan, as one of my client-brides, posted a love note on our PDW Facebook page to let us know their verdict:

{sis Joan's comment on our PDW page on Facebook}

Thank you so much, sis Joan, for putting your trust on me. It’s an honor to create the cord that will lovingly bind you and Bobie together.

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