Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tin & John’s Black & Gold Rosary Wedding Cord

“Early bird gets the worm.”

This famous quote reminds me of sis Tin. She’ll be walking down the aisle on December 2012 but they have started preparing for their wedding late last year. Love it.

When sis Tin contacted me, she immediately mentioned that she wanted a rosary cord that will incorporate their wedding theme – travel and photography. Their love for each other and these two hobbies are very apparent on her blog. The real challenge for me, however, is that their wedding motif is a combination of black and gold. I never worked with these colors before so I spent a lot of time researching for a great and elegant design. I do not want to hit and miss.

Browsing through the websites I found on the net, these two colors clearly evoke classy timeless pieces and elegance. The next thing I know is that I was (literally) running to my trusted supplier in order to gather the materials that I need. To my surprise, the amount of possible designs is endless BUT I need to practice holding back so as not to overdo the design and overpower what the bride wants – classy and elegant. Here’s what I created for sis Tin and John:

{This Rosary wedding cord for sis Tin and John is made of black and gold crystal beads in different shapes and sizes with gold and silver trinkets.}

It feels great when every client fell in love with what you have created and sis Tin went extra mile in making sure that I know how much she appreciates my creation:

{"Thank you, sis Tin.♥"}

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  1. wiiiiii early bird talaga hihi thanks sis eyzel <3 cant wait to see our cord on July pag uwi namin!

    keep it up and God bless! <3

  2. Thanks sis tin for dropping by!
    enjoy your preps! :)



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