Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DIY: Save-the-Date Fridge Magnet

Dear Online Diary,

Home run. Rush hour. Deadline. Accomplishment. Sweet.

It’s exactly four months to go today before the Big Day (whew! Still gives me jitters when I think about it). It’s been a bliss browsing wedding ideas and creating DIY projects (more to come) and we started on completing document requirements including suppliers meet-up.

For this post, I wanted to share our latest accomplishment, DIY Save-the-Date (StD). It’s one of our e-session RAW photos. Editing it using Photoshop was fun. I think we had four revisions before we finally got what we wanted. The more challenging part of it was looking for magnetic sheets. It took us several weeks before we found the materials but it’s worth it.

{StD: Ready for distribution}

{StD: Got it's own sweet spot on our fridge}

H2B and I are going to distribute the fridge magnet at the end of this month in time for our PS visit. In addition, we are going to meet our entourage for their gown measurements soon. It’s like we are (or should I say I am) on oblivion. All I can think about is our wedding. It’s like a movie playing on my head as I envisioned how it’s going to be on our Big day (complete with background music, mind you). If this is not wedding jitters, what is this?

As for the wedding checklist, STD == CHECKED!



  1. nice one, sis. very unique.

  2. sis! galing!!! where did you get the magnetic sheets? thanks.

  3. hi sis!! yup same question? where did you avail the magnet sheets!! thanks a lot!!

  4. hi sis ning,

    looking for the magnetic sheet was not easy. after several trip to different bookstores, we got it from NBS sucat and southmall branches.

  5. Thanks a lot sis!! i'll check for it also because I plan to do my thank you souvenir together with the magnet thanks you very much sis!!



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