Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Documents: Church Requirements

Dear Online Diary,

H2B and I visited the Bamboo Organ Church registrar’s office to submit our document requirements and to finalize our payment as well as to clear some things related to church ceremony.

Here are the documents required by the church (may vary depending on your parish church):
1. Recent Baptismal and Confirmation Certificate with notation for Marriage purposes.
2. Certificate of No Marriage from NSO.
3. Marriage License.
4. Birth Certificate and 1x1 ID picture.
5. Marriage Banns and permission
6. Barangay certificate

{All about documents and church requirements}

Since I was baptized and confirmed at the same church, it was a breeze requesting for the documents. They just printed my baptism and confirmation certificates and I’m done. H2B, on the other hand, had to request his baptismal certificate from the province (he was born and baptized in Ilocos Sur). We requested for the documents and we’re just waiting for their feedback. We have to complete these requirements so they can schedule us for an interview and pre-cana seminar.

As for the CENOMAR, I read that it’s SUPPOSEDLY not a requirement but I don’t know why they were insisting that it’s required by LAW. Just to stress it, anyway:

A CENOMAR however, contrary to what many of us thought is not a requirement for marriage but instead, it is only necessary for couples who were to wed to know and be certain that their partner's civil status is still single and unattached to or uncommitted to anyone by laws of the civil registry and the catholic church require. (source)

We’ve known each other for almost a decade now and we’re both sure that both of us aren’t married. It’s just unnecessary and additional expense. We could have save the moola and time. But because we are good followers of the church, we have to get a CENOMAR, anyway. I’ll go and visit their Pasay branch this Friday.



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  2. hi eyzel :) funny I was also baptized at the same church. we've lived in Las Pinas 'til I was about 4 then saka kami lumipat sa Cavite.



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