Monday, June 7, 2010

Supplier Checklist: Excellent Audio

Dear Online Diary,

Last Saturday, H2B and I attended the Bridal Expo at the World Trade Center in search for the remaining suppliers that we need to book – Lights and Sounds, Invites and Cakes. We found one.

Lights and sounds aren’t on our top list. We just wanted to have good lights, quality sound system and LCD projector. It doesn’t have to be extreme. We just wanted to have a decent service for the money that we’re going to pay.

That’s exactly what Excellent Audio offers -- quality service for a very affordable price. Ms. Gigi and Sir Marlo are really nice to talk to. They were able to explain what each equipment does and how it works. After making a single round among the L&SS suppliers present at the fair, we went and booked them. The package that we got includes:

2 units 500 watts self powered speakers
1 unit P.A. mixer (4 channels)
1 set processor
2 units pioneer DVD player
2 units wired microphone
50,000 mp3 records
1 unit headphone

2 units LED par 64
2 units intelligent lights

1 unit LCD Projector (2700 lumens) (with laptop for AVP presentation)
1 unit 6x7 tripod screen
1 unit wireless microphone
1 unit laser show
1 unit smoke machine

It's just right for a small wedding of a hundred people. The price? Let’s make it private. PM me if you want to know. :))

Contact Details:
Marlo Montoya
62 Colt St. Rancho 1 Marikina City

Tel. No.: 408-6746 / 996-2688
Mobile No.: 0928-9935401


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