Friday, July 16, 2010

100 Days To Go, So Many Things to Do

Dear Online Diary,

We hit the 100 days mark. Now, I’m pressured. Here are the things that we have yet to complete:

1. Need to make few more calls for PS confirmation. Some of these people are really busy.
2. Sent the invites wording to Wink for the first draft today.

1. Working on the first draft.
2. Will drop by the parish church on Wednesday for approval.

1. Still looking for PS gifts but already got prospective supplier.
2. Still looking for Jr. GM gifts. Got prospect.
3. Send photobooth layout design to Photobot.

1. Canonical interview.
2. Pre-Cana seminar.
3. BC and CENOMAR (schedule of release on Wednesday).
4. H2B’s confirmation (scheduled on July 24th).
5. Marriage Banns.
6. Songs.
7. Needed permit for some aspects of the church.

1. Final detailing (scheduled on August).
2. Finalize menu.
3. Follow-up with Sweet Affair (free Choco Fountain) – to be assigned to OTD.
4. Finalize floor plan (waiting for Ms. Anj).
5. Finalize games.
6. Meet with Emcee.
7. Finalize Program flow.
8. Draft music and song requirements and endorse to Excellent Audio.
9. Prenup and Family AVPs in progress (H2B in-charge).

Hotel Preps
1. Finalize hotel. Got prospect. Will choose this weekend.
2. Finalize on-the-day itinerary with Beth of Special Events.

1. Got prospect for the bridal car supplier. Will meet by the end of this month to see the actual car.
2. Got van rental supplier. Needed to finalize by the end of this month.

1. Confirm flight booking with Air Mauritius (although this can be done after the wedding as our target date is February).
2. Finalize Kota Kinabalu itinerary.
3. Need to get Kota Kinabalu map. :(
4. Got prospect for airport pickup van rental. Mama Betty being the point of contact.
5. Have yet to receive my passport (scheduled delivery on July 21st). H2B's passport still on process (because of that BC booboo, no thanks to NSO).
That’s a long list. May God bless us while we work on these items. Aja! Aja!


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