Thursday, July 22, 2010

Documents: CENOMAR

Dear Online Diary,

It was a good Wednesday for H2B and me because we accomplished two items off our checklist.

We got up early in the morning and head over to NSO Pasay branch to request for another copy of Birth Certificate and to claim the CENOMAR that I’ve requested a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully, it wasn’t as stressful as it was when I first went to this branch. We spent a mere 30 minutes on application process but we were instructed to wait an hour and a half to claim the documents.

We were wondering what to do when I saw that there’s a shop of Philippine products across the NSO building. The best part is that the store was holding a sale. The store houses different handicrafts, interesting furniture and awesome souvenirs from various cities and provinces of the Philippines. Just to name a few, they have colorful handmade bags from Vigan, Batangas and Iloilo; handicrafts made of semi-precious stones, shell, wood and paper; furniture made of Narra and Yakal; and house adornments and small decorative pillows. I recognized that some of the items are also available at Kultura Pilipino (SM Department Stores) and Regalong Pambahay but those items we found at the store are available at 50% off. To make the story short, we got some for our wedding:
{Turquoise votive candle holders for our Candle Offertory and a small treasure chest made out of capiz, which we used as our rosary keepsake}

After a blissful "waiting period", we went back to NSO Office and went straight to Releasing section to claim the documents. We gave the receipts to the guards, sat and enjoyed the silent movie (remember Charlie Chaplin?) being shown (for entertainment, I suppose). After a little over 30 minutes, we heard our names called. We joined the queue to claim our documents. Before we left the office, we reviewed the documents for misspelled name and incorrect entries. Thank God, all the documents are error-free. Oh and yes, we are both free to marry. *matter-of-fact tone*

{NSO Documents: CENOMAR & Birth Certificates}

We’re just waiting for H2B’s confirmation certificate (schedule of release this weekend) to complete the church requirements. Meanwhile, we're ready to apply for marriage license (my heart always skips whenever I encounter these words).


We were having our lunch at a random restaurant in MOA when we decided to do ocular visit at several hotels along Roxas Blvd. We planned to visit five, but we felt the this-is-it-feeling on the third hotel. The story coming very, very, very soon! :))


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