Monday, July 26, 2010

The Hotel Preps Ocular Experience

Dear Online Diary,

It was last Wednesday when H2B and I went to NSO to accomplish several legal requirements but the big story was how we went and chose the hotel where we can do all the pre-wedding preparations. As I previously noted, we planned to visit five, but we felt the “this-is-it-feeling” on the third hotel.

Our first stop: Microtel.
Microtel was introduced to us by Ms. Beth, our OTD coordinator. Since we were within the vicinity, we decided to start our quest with this new hotel. The location is near-perfect for pictorials. The receptionist who assisted us was nice and accommodating. She answered all our questions in a very professional manner. The thing is, the hotel is not yet fully operational. As they led us to the model rooms, constructions are on-going along the corridor and even inside the elevator. The A/C seems to be not working at the time, which is, should we say, a markdown.

The Suite. Hmmm…. Let’s put it this way. The photos of the rooms posted on their website are spacious. When we saw the room, well, it’s a bit disappointing. I mean, it has kitchen appliances and other amenities but it’s a bit small for a suite. I can’t imagine how we could fit our suppliers and entourage inside the room come our wedding day. One other thing, the published rate is higher than what’s indicated online. There’s a difference of around Php 3000 and it's not quite reasonable for us (but then again, this is just our opinion).

{Microtel: The suite room photo taken from their website}

Our second stop: Heritage Hotel Manila.
This is my “dream” hotel preps. This is one of my Nice-To-Have wedding items. Hahahaha. The lobby is elegant and spacious. The manager entertained our queries politely but with authority. He assured us that we can have our pictorial wherever we want as long as we will advise them about it. He assured us that he'll guarantee a late checkout if we’re going to book on the spot. Anyway, I love the corridor. It’s spacious and carpeted. I love the suite room. It has big glass window, spacious and inviting. I love I’m obsessed with the sweet-and-clean fragrance of the corridor and rooms.

{Heritage Manila: Suite room with a huge glass window}

We did not book them (poor me). Beside the fact that it’s waaayyyy over our hotel preps budget, there are so many restrictions such as: We can’t bring in food for the suppliers and they can only allow a limited number of people to enter the room. These factors are critical for us so we have to let it go.

Our third stop: G-Hotel Manila.
We almost drove past the hotel because the hotel is not as high as the other hotels along Roxas Blvd. G Hotel has been getting good ratings from past W@Wie brides because of cleanliness and affordability. The lounge is simple yet clean and inviting. H2B did the talking. He asked the questions. He requested some other things. The attendant was very accommodating. He even gave us a trivia about the hotel (which slipped off my mind). I hardly understood what he was saying at that time because I was too busy admiring the suite room and imagining how and what’s it’s going to be on the day. I know it’s perfect because it fits our budget, it’s spacious and they have reasonable restrictions on food.

{G-Hotel: Black and White Lounge}

H2B rarely makes a decision when it comes to booking our suppliers. He often adheres to what I say or want. I knew he wanted to book the hotel when I looked into his eyes. He’s a big fan of simple, uncomplicated things. I did not get a carpeted hallway but what the heck. I could never choose a carpeted hallway over the happiness of my H2B, right? So, you know what happened next. We booked G-Hotel for our pre-wedding preparation because H2B loved it. Well, either that or he do not want to go to the next hotel. :P

Oh, that makes Hotel preps = checked!!! :))


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