Saturday, July 24, 2010

H2B Received His Confirmation Today

Dear Online Diary,

It’s no turning back. We’re going all the way to the altar.

Today at 9:00 AM, H2B received the Holy Sacrament of Confirmation at St. Joseph Parish Church presided by Rev. Fr. Jo. His closest cousin and our Reader, Ate Eryl, stood as his witness (Thanks, Ate Eryl!).

According to H2B, it was sweet, memorable and surprisingly fast. They talked about the Seven Holy Sacraments, the importance of marriage and their role as they lead their future children to be good followers of the church.

I interviewed H2B just for this blog. I asked him what can he considered as the most memorable part of the process. Here’s his answer:

“Beside all the lectures, we shared a good laugh when the lecturer pointed out that we should be weeping for the newlyweds, not for the dead. We knew that the dead will rest in peace with God while the newlyweds do not have any idea what their lives will be with each other (if it’s going to be peaceful or what).”

Of course, it’s just a joke. Intended to be, I suppose.

Well, to you my dearest darling, Congratulations! (I was gonna say Welcome-to-the-Christian-World but it sounds wrong. TeeHee!!!)


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