Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bridal Fair Escapade: Kasalan 2010: Ikalimang Yugto

Dear Online Diary,

Kasalan 2010 is definitely the last bridal fair that we attended before the Big day but it proved to be one of the most memorable bridal fairs.

{Kasalan 2010 Bridal Fair Registration Area}

For one, the fair served as the common ground where supposed enemies can still share funny stories and heartfelt laughter. Simply put it, H2B and I met Ate Eva, Sohrab’s assistant. If you’re a follower of my blog, you know by now that I had a change of heart (for a good reason). I felt a sting on my chest when I saw his booth but the warm smile and hugs given by Ate Eva are just what I needed to set aside the pain (for a little while) and exchange exciting stories and updates about our upcoming wedding. An insider asked me just now, what if Sohrab was manning their booth instead of Ate Eva? Hmm… Well, it might be a whole different story. You see, Ate Eva is such a doll. Sohrab is… well. Never mind. *rolleyes* All I can tell you right now is that you’ll be interested to know what happened between me and Sohrab. You’ll read (and see) all about it after the wedding.

So much for that… let’s talk about a bunch of beautiful and more important matters. We passed by Atty. Raymond Fortun’s booth. Yes, the lawyer-con-photographer joined his first ever bridal fair and offered a cool badge for those who booked him onsite. He'll cover our wedding on Saturday. Unfortunately, he was at a wedding when we visited his booth but we took a couple of shots before we got this:

{Atty. RF, we passed by your booth! :P We have "Jok" to thank for this shot.}

We also dropped by the booth of our florist, Rocky Blooms Flowershop. As always, the animated husband-and-wife tandem of Ms. Rhona and Kuya Marlon did not fail to brighten our day with their witty personalities. Although we're done with floral detailing, we had fun chatting with them and W@W sis Dee and her H2B, Jayson (they booked Rocky Blooms, too).

{Sir Marlon and Ms. Rhona of Rocky Blooms Flower shop}

{Smile for the camera: H2B and I (far right) with Sir Marlon and Ms. Rhona.}

Overall, it’s such a great fair to remember. Thanks to our Ď‹ver lovely suppliers. Speaking of lovely suppliers, I’ll share the chocolates that we ordered from Sophia’s Chocolat tomorrow.

Time check: 5 days to go before the Big day! *kinikilig na excited na kinakabahan na ewan*


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  1. Best Wishes on your wedding tom. :)



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