Saturday, October 16, 2010

An Early Wedding Present

Dear Online Diary,

It’s a busy Saturday for both H2B and I. What can we expect? It’s just a week before our Big Day *kilig*.

People say the amount of time and wedding details are enough to make one go crazy, thanks to numerous great people around me (and in cyberspace), I kept my sanity (at least that’s what I think. hehehe).

Speaking of great people and new found friends, we met Sir Alex and Ms. Michelle earlier today as part of our Saturday itinerary (and various meetings, including the last bridal fair that we attended before the wedding. Read more about it here). They are the husband and wife tandem behind the heavenly yet sinfully tasteful Belgian chocolates, better known as Sophia’s Chocolat. We have received our order and we can only thank them for making beautifully packaged chocolate goodies for us and our guests. BUT let me hold my horses as this post is about an awesome early wedding gift that we received today...

{Here's a mouth-watering stiletto}

{There's a card... Let's open and read the message.}

{Ah... Handwritten notes are the icing on the cake. Such sweet people.}

{Our Early Wedding Present from Sophia's Chocolat. Thank you!}

Thank you, Sir Alex and Ms. Michelle, for this unexpected gift. Now it can be told. You’re as sweet as your chocolate products (which, I will generously share soon). Thank you so much and more power! :))


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