Monday, October 4, 2010

DIY Escort Cards & Table Numbers

Dear Online Diary,

I can't believe that I’m at the last leg of my DIY projects for our wedding. So today, I’d like to share our DIY Escort Cards and Table numbers*.

{DIY Table Numbers: Printed and framed. Ready for the Big day.}

{DIY Escort Cards for the guests to bring home a piece of something special from us}

How did I do it? I designed these candies using Adobe Photoshop. To give you an idea, please read on.

{Screenshot: Table number design phase using Adobe Photoshop}

First, I designed a damask background using preselected Photoshop brushes and saved it as pattern. I opened a new project, filled it with damask pattern that I previously saved then added a photo before typing the labels. The photos that we used are from H2B’s portfolio. These photos signify our love of photography and memories that we’ve shared for the past six years. It’s really something special and close to our hearts. :))

*Since I lost the template of the table numbers that I previously created, I had to revamp the design.



  1. Nice! Lots of interesting pictures for the guests to look at. And I think your frames are cute! :-)

  2. thank you sis marikoy. believe it or not, the frame costs Php10 each. Got it from divilandia :))



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