Monday, October 4, 2010

Update: Documents and DIY Fascinators

Dear Online Diary,

Alright, it’s 19 days to go before the Big day. Should I panic? Am I feeling giddy?

Maybe. I'm not too sure exactly how to describe it but when I think about my husband-to-be *kilig* and all the details of our wedding, I feel happy and light as a feather. Let me share some of the things that we’ve acquired and achieved for the past two weeks...

{We finally received H2B's passport. Out of the country honeymoon, anyone?}

{Petition reply of Wedding Banns from H2B's parish. I will be delivering this to Bamboo Organ Registrar's office tomorrow.}

{My DIY fascinator for Mama Betty. She requested to keep it tiny and simple.}

{My DIY bridal fascinator (without the french netting)}

Happy preps everyone! This is it. We have a little over two weeks to go!



  1. Love the shade of your fascinator! Exciting na talaga ano? Ako less than two weeks na lang. I'm filled with mixed emotions already.

  2. thank you sis. same pala tayo na nasa home stretch na. :)) i kept on thinking if kinakabahan ba ko. pero parang hindi. siguro kapag 1 week na lang. hehehe best wishes to your marriage. cheers to October brides! :))



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