Monday, March 7, 2011

Customized Wedding Cords for Fab B2Bs

Dear Online Diary,

Hello everyone! I’m currently having so much fun running my own li’l business and because of that, allow me to share the latest updates and whatnot.

As what the title suggests, I’ve started accepting orders of customized wedding cord through my online shop's Facebook page. Two of my first few clients are sis Mau, a dear friend-slash-co-W@Wie and sis Jackie, a fab bride-slash-reader of this blog. Let’s take a look at their wedding cords, shall we?

Sis Mau requested to have a simple yet conceptual cord. She wanted a cross for a pendant but, I do not want to give her an ordinary cross pendant. Luckily, I found a locket with cross (much like a bible). I asked her to cut a photo of her and Carlo (her H2B) and put it inside the locket. After the wedding, she could get a matching necklace for the pendant and wear it to keep their wedding memory close to her heart. I thought it’s perfect (and a bit dreamy, don't you think?). She gets what she wants with a twist of individuality.

{Mau ♥ Carlo (12/10/2011): Wedding Cord Packaging}
{Mau ♥ Carlo (12/10/2011): Wedding Cord Beads & Trinkets}

{Mau ♥ Carlo (12/10/2011): Finished Product}

On the other hand, sis Jackie wanted a wedding cord just like ours. She requested to separate the two main theme colors of their wedding, red and tangerine. Since my vision is to create a whole different wedding cord for each of my client-bride, I did what she wants BUT I added a bit of surprise:

{Jackie ♥ Julius (5/21/2011): Wedding Cord Packaging}
{Jackie ♥ Julius (5/21/2011): Wedding Cord Beads & Trinkets}

{Jackie ♥ Julius (5/21/2011): Finished Product}

And here’s the fun part: their feedbacks made my day! You'll find sis Jackie's feedback below. I wanted to post sis Mau's but it contains personal info that I would rather keep private :) Anyhow, now I understand what our suppliers feel whenever their clients commend them for a job well done – happiness.

{sis Jackie's feedback upon receiving the wedding cord :)}

There you have it, B2Bs. If you want a unique, personalized wedding cord, you can always contact me by sending me an email or through my online shop's facebook page by going to this link.

Happy preps!



  1. Hi Eyzel,
    Wondering if you will still post your supplier's rating for your P/V & caterer. I'm thinking of getting their services eh. Your review will surely be a great input to our planning. Thanks a lot! :)

  2. whoa!!! san ba ako nagpunta at di ko agad nabasa itong entry sa blog mo??!? hahaha! workaholic na ata ako! hehehe! grabe sis, ever thankful talaga ako sa wedding cord :) tinabi ko na siya, kasama ang aking mga precious things, hehehe! :D thanks again! mwaah! hugs! :)



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