Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tala ♥ Jape’s Freestyle Wedding Cord

It was exciting to read sis Tala’s PM-slash-inquiry via my facebook account. Apparently, they already have a wedding cord but she wanted their cord to—let’s just say--- pop. :)

While exchanging messages, I learned that she’s one of the detailed (read: OC) brides that I know (and I love her for that!). They do not have a particular wedding theme but browsing through their wedding website, I sensed that their upcoming wedding speaks about elegance and romance. Lovely, isn’t?

Moving forward, she gave me the freedom to create whatever I feel like doing (in terms of style) but she requested to incorporate a heart with the crucifix and their motif (navy blue & marigold yellow). So here’s what I came up with for sis Tala and her H2B, Japes:

{Tala ♥ Jape’s Freestyle Wedding Cord}

Oh I'm so excited to see sis Tala walk down the aisle next month. I know it's going to be awesome! :)

Visit and like to see more of sis Tala & Jape's wedding cord and more.

Happy preps! ♥



  1. Thanks so much sis Eyzel! A few more weeks to go! We're so excited to use this beautiful cord you made for us. :)

  2. thanks sis tala. your wedding's one of the best! :)



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