Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Leah ♥ Allan’s Rosary Wedding Cord

Dear Online Diary,

It's always gratifying to deal with a co-W@Wie (or a co-GTalker, for that matter). :)

Sis Leah’s message, for one, made me smile. I love her energy on planning their wedding. She’s very specific, she knows what she wants and I (super) love her for that. I'm very excited to share with you the wedding cord that I have created for her and her H2B, Allan, so here are some snapshots:

{Leah & Allan's Rosary Wedding Cord}

{sis Leah's requirements: choco brown & pistachio green beads for the mysteries, clear beads for the Hail Mary's, & metal trinkets for spacers, cross & their initials}

{I can't wait to see them use the cord on their wedding *Don't forget the wedding photos, sis Leah! :)*}

Now, here's the fun part -- to my delight, sis Leah blogged about us (& our adventure into creating her wedding cord)! Thank you, sis Leah for all the kind words. It was truly an honor to create one for you. :)

{sis Leah's blog: Read and follow her own wedding preps adventure here}

To view more of these and other wedding cords that I have created, visit my facebook page by clicking this link (do not forget to like the page). Happy preps! :)


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