Monday, March 28, 2011

Supplier’s Rating: Ma Del’s Cuisine

Dear Online Diary,

Oh gosh, this might come in a bit too late now but hey, everyone knows how I love Ms. Anj and Ma Del’s Cuisine. I've shared it on W@W & GT long before I write this. :)

I’m so grateful that Ms. Anj worked around our budget, even worked on our preferred style and reception details. She took time and “owned” the styling of our reception venue. I can’t ask for more.

Now, how did they fair on the Big day? Everything was awesome! People always say that nothing’s perfect (and I do agree) but the service and food that Ma Del's Cuisine have provided to us and our guests were superb. They are one of the best suppliers that we hired.

Here are some of our fave photos from the wedding reception (set up by Ma Del’s Cuisine):

{set up & styling}

{chocolate fountain}

{our centerpieces: yellow blooms + green fruits}

{our centerpieces: yellow blooms + green fruits}

{our fave, buko pandan jell-o & our sparkling non-alcoholic wine}

{our DIY Table Number & stick-O (for the choco fountain)}

{the stage set-up}

{shy-type! :)}

In summary, here's our rating:
Supplier: Ma De’s Cuisine
Stress level: It was blissful. No stress at all! :))
Customer Service and Satisfaction: Extremely Satisfied. Ms. Anj can be reached almost everytime and very assuring.
Food: We loved everything! Chicken Flambe & Buko Pandan Jell-O are our favorites.
Styling: Very personalized. They were able to follow what we laid on the table. We think it was exceptional.
Overall: Highly (super duper) Recommended



  1. Wow nice set-up and the styling was great! Mukhang jackpot kayo sa caterer nyo sis cos masarap na ang food, hindi pa mahirap kausap.

  2. thanks sis leah. i'm sure you'll have a lovely wedding, too! cheers! :)

  3. Hi sis! Hehe the supplier's rating i've been waiting for! Pero alam ko naman na mataas ang ratings mo kay Ma Dels. We have the same caterer but my wedding is still in August. So far, no problems ako with Ms. Anj..super accommodating talaga. Excited na ako how she'll come up with our request para sa centerpiece. :)

    - cherryblossone of GT

  4. Thanks Eyzel. Btw, I love this blog make-over you did. Am looking forward to your wedding-related posts as well =)

    Nga pala, I just updated my link and changed my blog name. Would appreciate if you can update my link too. Thanks thanks!

  5. can you give her number to me? im reaching her but it was unattended

  6. @ sis cherryblossone of GT
    -- thanks sis. best wishes on your wedding! :))

    @ sis leideleon
    -- thanks sis. started doing it. dami ko pa gusto i-share :) updated your link na. so excited on your wedding. you have juicy posts rin. happy preps! :)

  7. Hi sis. Ok ba tlga ang ma del's cuisine? I booked them last april for my wedding this october. At first i was impressed kasi madaling kausap si ms.anj. I can easily contact her which put me very much at ease. But lately, she doesnt answer my texts, calls, and emails. I even called her house pero i still could not talk to her. She didnt even meet the deadline we set for the floorplan. Hay. Now im having second thoughts. Should we look for another caterer ba?

  8. Hi there sis. Sure they were. She and her crew of professionals delivered beyond our expectation. The last time I heard, they are undergoing a major shift in their management. You may be able to reach her through their multiply site, too:

    Good luck and happy preps! :)

  9. Hi! I just want to know, Ma Del's catering na rin ba nagi-style ng reception? I'm thinking of hiring an event stylist pa sana but if Ma Del's does the styling na, I might just get someone to drape na lang our ceilings and not an event stylist anymore..

  10. ^ Hi there sis! Yes, they do drapings rin. They did a wonderful job draping our reception hall's ceiling during our wedding. You may contact Ms. Anj of Ma Del's for more info: Thanks for dropping by! :)

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  12. Hi! I love the stage set up. Thanks for sharing.



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