Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11.9.2010: My First Birthday as a Mrs.

Dear Online Diary,

Yes, it's my first birthday as a wifey today and I was touched to see hubby’s surprises for me this morning.

I was awaken by a Happy Birthday song playing loudly (somehow gave me the chills since papa Noel used to do the same on each family member's birthday). I thought I'll see hubby beside me but I found a gift with a funny note:

{Hubby's gift on my first birthday as his wifey}

He suddenly appeared and said that he has plans for us today so I better get going. I just want to share how sweet he is. :))


Thank you to everyone who did not forget to greet me on my birthday (aka friends in FB). I've read all your messages but will reply later. Earvz, not so sure why you can't post on my wall but will check on it later, too. Probably there's something about my account setting that I have to adjust. Happy Nov 9 everyone! :))


  1. Happy birthday Eyzel!!! Wow, happy na happy talaga bday mo, kasi ur married na to your beloved. :-D Enjoy your day.

  2. hi sis marikoy, thank you so much! we had a blast :))



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