Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Supplier’s Rating: Photobot Manila

Dear Online Diary,

Photobot Manila was the first photo booth we have ever tried. During preps, Ms. Aggie was easy to deal with, she follows up on us even through email and almost always, answers our inquiry in a timely manner. We booked them during one of the bridal fairs that we attended because their prints are of high quality, they offer affordable packages and we like their slim photo booth machine plus other amenities (soft and hard copies of photos, props, stop time, et. al.).

We also appreciate that Ms. Aggie and Sir Nards customized our layout and did their best to come up with a tarpaulin printed with turquoise and white damask (for our photo background). Unfortunately, the background did not resemble well on photos. When browsing through our photo booth pictures, it looked like we have a white background (possibly because of the camera flash) instead of damask. Prior to our wedding, we were not informed that they are not going to use a photo booth machine. They set up a camera stand and attached a screen just below the camera where we can preview our photo for each take. I was actually hoping to see the slim photo booth because that’s one of the reasons why we booked them.

{A screenshot of a video by Photobot Manila: Supposedly, that's the photo booth (encircled)}

{Here's what we have on our wedding, the skeleton version (encircled)}

Other than that, we had the best photo booth moment with our family and friends. Thanks to Photobot Manila.

{Photo booth moments: Fun, comical and sweet}

Here’s our rating:
Supplier: Photobot Manila
Stress level: tama lang
Customer Service and Satisfaction: Satisfied, but it would have been perfect if the "skeleton photo booth" was communicated accordingly.
Photo booth and photos: We're not happy with the booth. As for the photos, yun nga, the background is washed out for most of the photos but overall, the print quality is acceptable.
Overall: Still recommended because we had so much fun. Just take note of the things mentioned above. :)



  1. Dear Ms. Eyzel,

    Thank you for your honest feedback. Please allow me to respond to your comment our: a) “skeleton” unit; and b) our turquoise and white tarpaulin background that came washed out on the files.

    Regarding our unit, I am so sorry but I didn’t know that you booked us primarily because of the unit you saw in the bridal fair. You booked our services eleven months prior to your wedding, and between that and the day of your wedding, my husband and I updated our units to make them lighter, more discreet and more flexible to accommodate children and clients with physical disabilities. (In fact, this came in handy when your grandmother who was in a wheelchair, was also able to enjoy the photobooth which would not have happened if we used the old unit). It is basically still the same unit, with the same monitor and the same camera. The distance and size are still the same; it’s just the housing that we drastically reduced. Our set up was different from what you saw at the fair, because we were trying to prevent overheating issues as our assigned area was at the front porch of the reception venue. I do apologize for not letting you know that we have changed the units, but I did not think this was an issue up until I saw your review.

    As for the turquoise and white tarpaulin background, admittedly, it disappeared on the files on the CD that we gave you, but the damask design could be seen on the prints. This is because we normally calibrate the exposure settings of the camera as well as the print on the tarp itself, to be slightly brighter to compensate for our printers in order to give you the best print possible. This results to a perfectly balanced print, but a washed out background on the soft copies.

    I apologize if we failed to meet your expectations in this respect. I do appreciate that you made our job easier by designing the print yourself and that you were prompt in updating us on any changes.

    Thank you for engaging our services and again for your honest review.

    Best regards,
    Aggie Coll
    Proprietor, PhotoBot Manila

  2. hi Ms. Aggie,

    Thank you for reading my review and for being professional. I posted your comment so my readers would hear your side. As we all know, every feedback should be taken with a grain of salt. I still believe in you and your mission of providing the best photo booth experience. :)

    God bless and more power!

  3. Hi Ms. Eyzel,

    Thank you too for your honest feedback. We do strive to always give the best photobooth experience to our clients, and your review has provided us valuable insight on areas that we can improve.

    Thanks again and we wish you all the best,



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