Sunday, November 7, 2010

Supplier’s Rating: Ms. Thet Hernandez of RTJ Photography

I can remember it clearly as if it happened just yesterday: I was browsing our W@W e-group when a certain post caught my attention – a free backup photography service was being offered by a previous W@Wie, by the name of Ms. Thet Hernandez, who ventured into photography together with her husband. I composed an email and sent it with prayers. In a heartbeat, my prayer was answered by an email from Ms. Thet congratulating us for making it to the list. True enough, our wedding date was posted on their website.

{We made the list: RTJ Photography Service}

The communication between us continued in Facebook, rather casually. We never talked about the wedding until a week before when I was updating all our suppliers about the details et. al. Being friends in FB allowed me to realized that we have two common denominators – call center industry and the love for photography (not to mention our husbands are into photography, too so make it three! hehehe). She's a dedicated mother and wife AND a true blue "multi-tasker" (a call center terminology that pertains to someone who can do two or more tasks at the same time. In Ms. Thet's case, she can be a photographer while maintaining her call center job aside from being a mother and a wife).

We truly appreciate her presence on our wedding despite coming from a graveyard shift. I can only guess what she drunk that day as she was full of energy taking photos and interacting with my suppliers. It was also nerve-wracking to know that Mama Val (Villarin) was her HMUA when she got married in 2006. During my airbrush session, all we talked about are W@W and wedding.

Now, what about the photos you'll ask. We just received the DVD copies of the images today (Thank you, Ms. Thet) and we thought that the collection is superb and amazing. Here are some of our favorites:

{It's the best weather -- ever! Thank you Santa Clara for making it happen.}

{Ms. Thet was able to capture how it was like during preps. The kids (at heart) jokingly called me Valentina because of the things holding my hair up. :P}

{Our arrhae from Goldenhills Jewelry.}

{Our wedding details: (from top left, first column) -- PS giveaway; DIY Missalette; Bridal Bouquet; DIY Fascinator & Wedding cord; (from top right, second column) -- Couple bears; DIY Wedding cord and main invite; DIY "pillow" & fascinators for mother and MoH; DIY Wedding cord}

{I'm diggin this shot}

{Our wedding rings}

{Just before I hopped in the bridal van}

{The historical Bamboo Organ: Someday, I'll make my dream shot come true}

{Angelo was in tears (of joy) as he anticipated my entrance; I was welcomed with lots of bubbles}

{Here's my teary-eyed groom :))}

{Yes Po! Para maiba naman :))}

You can view more of our wedding photos via their website by clicking this link.

Here’s our rating:
Supplier: RTJ Photography (Ms. Thet Hernandez)
Stress Level: It was a breeze – no stress at all!
Customer Service and Satisfaction: Exceeded Expectation. I mean, what more can you ask from someone who went straight to the hotel preps after a graveyard shift? :))
Photos: Priceless… I mean, we were BLOWN AWAY by the photos. For us, the collection is more than perfect! :))
Overall: Highly (super duper) RECOMMENDED


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  1. Thank you Eyzel and congratulations to you and Angelo - Russell :-)



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