Thursday, November 18, 2010

Supplier’s Review: Sweet Affair

Dear Online Diary,

Everybody loves chocolates (and candies). Chocolate fountain was one of our nice-to-haves but because of W@W Auction last year, we were able to get a chocolate fountain package for our guests.

{Yummy dessert from Sweet Affair}

Sweet Affair’s owner, Ms. Van, was very patient into following up on us. We never had the chance to meet in person but we continued our communication via email. It’s a major plus that they are familiar with our venue. We did not expect so much but we truly appreciate that they provided two chocolate fountains and loads of candies and fruits for our dessert table (we had three choco fountains in total, another fountain courtesy of Ma Del's). Thank you, Sweet Affair!

In summary, here's our rating:
Supplier: Sweet Affair
Stress level:
No stress at all! :))

Customer Service and Satisfaction:
Satisfied. They were able to provide what they promised (and more). Ms. Van is one of our nicest suppliers. :)



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