Saturday, November 6, 2010

Supplier’s Rating: Written in Ink (Wink)

Dear Online Diary,

We initially wanted to DIY our invitation but later chose to find a supplier that can provide quality printed invitation without hurting our budget, which led us to Written in Ink (Wink).

We were truly grateful to Ms. Noky Gatmaitan (owner of Wink and its affiliates) for extending the bridal fair discount to us even if we booked them after the bridal fair. She even arranged our meeting with our AE, Ms. Jo. They were easy to deal with, offers a huge range of invitation concepts and their package rates are considerably affordable.

{During the first meeting with Ms. Jo: Thank you, Wink!}

We want to get the invites as soon as possible so after we have chosen a particular design, we submitted the fonts that we want them to use and high resolution photos of our DIY caricature and monogram to make it easy for them. All they have to do is to type the names and details and finally, print the invites.

I must admit that the layout artist caused us a bit of stress (OK. Make it a great deal of stress). I gave the instruction in English and Filipino to no avail. Thinking that the layout artist may correctly follow the instructions visually, we did this:

{I had to draw the instructions on the mock up itself using MS Paint.}

Unfortunately, the mock up phase reached five trials even if they were dealing with, I think, one of the simplest designs on their template. In fairness to them, they mentioned that if ever we are not happy with the invites after the fifth mock up, they can do additional revisions for free, provided it’s their fault (if the instructions weren’t followed correctly) or if it’s just an alignment issue.

Alas, we were kind of happy with the fifth mock up so we gave them the go signal to print a sample set. We were satisfied with the results even if the color is a bit off (as long as it’s within the color range of our color motif, we’re good to go).

{Our Invitation on the Big Day}

Here’s our rating:
Supplier: Written in Ink (Wink)
Stress Level: A bit stressful, especially in mock up phase.
Customer Service and Satisfaction: Satisfied. Ms. Jo promptly answered our inquiry and status updates via email.
Invitation: Kind of happy with the final product. They were able to produce decent invitation sets.
Overall: Recommended (affordable but requires a lot of patience)



  1. hi sis,

    thanks for the this. i also booked wink my wedding will be on june, when do you think is the best time ipagawa invitation ko?



  2. hi sis ayie,

    sis, from our experience, as soon as you have completed the line up of your entou and wedding details, you can send the info to them na so they could start (esp if your invites has embellishments). you should have your invites no less than a month (so ideally sis, invites distribution should start a month before the wedding). happy preps! :))

  3. hi sis, yung ivnites nyo nakakatuwa, ang ganda. parang kapareho yung samin :) btw, yung sakin nga lang is DIY. but thought of getting wink, kaso due to budget, i opted nalang na mag DIY :D



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