Sunday, November 7, 2010

Supplier’s Rating: Sophia’s Chocolat

Dear Online Diary,

I was glad (and relieved) to have found Sophia’s Chocolat while browsing We were a bit stressed during the homestretch of our wedding preps because we haven’t found the right giveaways for our PS and entourage.

Sophia’s belgian chocolates are not too sweet nor bitter. Our parents love the chocolates (as much as we love them) when we brought some for them to taste test. Sophia’s offers different kinds of packaging and molds on reasonable prices. It was a breeze negotiating with Sir Alex and Ms. Michelle, the husband-and-wife tandem behind Sophia’s Chocolat.

{During our first meeting: Thank you, Sophia's Chocolat! :))}

In the end, we were able to achieve the kind of giveaways that we want for our PS and entourage-- something that would serve as a reminder of how sweet our Big day was and something related to our theme (we gave them a separate gift – a small silver vase with seeds that served as their place card at the reception).

{For our PS}

{For our Entourage and Offertory participants}

{For our Bestman and MoH}

I just received the DVD copy of Ms. Thet Hernandez of RTJ Photography. She's a previous W@Wie and is currently into photography but more about her later. Here's her awesome take of Sophia's choco bridal car on 10.23.2010:

{Lovely photo from Ms. Thet (Thank you sis. love it!!!!)}

Here’s our rating:
Supplier: Sophia’s Chocolat
Stress Level:
It was a breeze – no stress at all!

Customer Service and Satisfaction:
Exceeded Expectation. Promptly answered our inquiries via email and text messages. They were never late on our meet ups.

Chocolates and packaging:
Delicious and affordable

Highly RECOMMENDED (will order chocolates for Christmas)


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  1. hehehe! ako rin nag order sis for Christmas ;)



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