Friday, November 12, 2010

Fondant Cakes by Mavic: Minimalist yet a Work of Art

Dear Online Diary,

We initially wanted a cupcake tower and a separate mini cake for cake cutting ceremony but it just doesn’t make sense that the cupcake tower rental fee costs 20% of the total price. Most of the credible suppliers that we found are from QC, all of which ask for not less than a thousand bucks just for delivery charge (I totally get this because cakes are fragile). If my calculations are accurate, the fees alone are more or less a quarter of our cake budget. These factors prompted me to look for a supplier from the southern part of the metro.

Ms. Mavic is another, shall we call, “ wonder”. I was searching for an affordable cake supplier over at the multiply site when I spotted some of her beautiful cakes – minimalist, simple yet a work of art. That’s exactly what we want. When I sent an email inquiry, I was also hoping that she can work around our budget.

After a couple of days, I was happy to receive an email from her. The next thing I knew, I was YM-ing with Ms. Mavic about our cake details, our wedding, her previous creations et al. At the end of the day, I was happy to know that she could create our wedding cake so we booked her even without taste test.

Now, let’s talk about the details. We do not want a simple white cake so I gathered a couple of cake designs that would best describe what I want for our cake. It should clearly represent our wedding theme. Simply put, it should have two butterflies (that’s hubby and I), flowers/florets (which represents our budding love) and green grass. I wanted it in 3D and most importantly, we want a chocolate cake (hubby’s request).

After reading through this, I guess we can say that the cake design was more important to us (read: me, only because hubby gave me the freedom to decide on this matter) than the taste. It doesn’t have to be heavenly good. As long as it’s edible, we’re good to go but we did not say these things to Ms. Mavic for obvious reasons. :))

Given these specs, here’s what Ms. Mavic created/baked/designed for us (Photos by Raymond Fortun Photography and Photoline):

{Who wouldn't have guessed that our theme is about nature when they looked at our cake? Truly, a work of art}

{Our awesome teal butterflies and yellow flowers}

Side kwento: When we were prompted to start the cake cutting ceremony, hubby was insisting to slice the top layer of the cake. He has no idea that only the bottom layer is edible. I was laughing the whole time because I was imagining his reaction (especially the look on his face) if I let him cut it and see Styrofoam instead of chocolate cake (I know, I'm bad). :))

{That's the remnants of our first task as husband and wife :)}

{Beautiful at 360 degrees: Another angle of our wedding cake}

Here’s my rating:
Supplier: Fondant Cakes by Mavic
Stress level: No stress at all! :))
Customer Service and Satisfaction: Very Satisfied. She clearly followed what we agreed upon. She's true to her words and knows her craft.
Cake: It's not as moist as I want it to be but we were very happy with how the design turned out. It's one of the things that caught my attention when we were walking toward the stage. Looking at the cake photos, we knew that Ms. Mavic worked really hard to achieve our vision. It’s our kind of cake – minimalist yet a work of art. Kudos, Ms. Mavic! :)
Overall: Recommended (especially to southern metro brides who do not want to pay a thousand bucks just to cover the delivery fee)


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  1. That's funny... because my hubby also thought that we were supposed to cut the top layer during the cake slicing part of the program! Luckily, I told him we should slice the bottom part 'coz I knew from research that it's the bottom layer that should be sliced, as the top layer is supposed to be a fruitcake to be preserved and eaten on the first anniversary (a tradition we didn't follow). What's with men and the top layer of the cake? Lol!



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