Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Little Bit of Sunshine: Rocky Blooms Flower Shop

Dear Online Diary,

Our floral requirements are simple. We’re ok with locally grown blooms as long as they will be fresh and vibrant on our wedding.

Ms. Rona and Sir Marlon are the husband-and-wife tandem behind Rocky Blooms. He’s the florist and she’s, well, the manager. :)) They are fairly new in the business but I can honestly say that they are very promising.

We first met them at a bridal fair. I stopped by their booth when I saw the pretty aster arrangement. We gave them our budget and asked if they could provide us with what we need (and want). Gladly, they were able to work around our budget so we booked them on the spot.

They were one of the closest suppliers to us because we have witnessed how dedicated they were just to fulfill their commitment to us and our wedding. Did I mention that I’m fickle-minded? I think I’ve requested to change something in the package inclusion that we availed more than thrice and I’m thankful for their patience. :))

The night before the wedding, Ms. Rona sent a text message advising me that there was a problem with some of the bouquets. I did understand their crisis since a super typhoon devastated the country days before that, leaving them with few choices. Simply put, some of my preferred flowers weren’t available. Maybe because they knew that I’m one of their OC brides, they wanted me to choose from the available flowers rather than making the decision for me. I really appreciate that. Even if some of my choices weren’t available, they compensated by providing more aster arrangements at the church. Here are some of their vibrant and fresh floral arrangements:

{The lush candle holder arrangements}

{The church looks more inviting with the aster arrangements}

{for our teen bridesmaids}

{That's my piece of sunlight :)}

{That's hubby's boutonniere}

{I, truly, am holding a piece of sunlight while walking down the aisle}

I’m happy to know that Sir Marlon continues on perfecting his craft by attending floral arrangement classes for their business. This paid way to more satisfied customers and happy couples, including us. With their positive attitude toward their business and customers as well as their hard work, I hope to see them at the top of the heap.

In summary, here's our rating:
Supplier: Rocky Blooms Flower shop
Stress level: It was blissful. No stress at all! :))
Customer Service and Satisfaction: Extremely Satisfied. We were graciously thankful that they let us borrow eight floral stands. They even stayed until the end of the ceremony.
Flowers: I love the arrangements they did for the church and of course my bridal bouquet. I didn’t get green berries as much as I wanted but that’s because of the typhoon. Even with just the Equadorian roses, it’s something to rave about.
Overall: Highly (super duper) Recommended



  1. What a very beautiful flower shop!

  2. Hi Nikki! Indeed. Rocky Blooms got a rockin' bunch of florals. :))



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